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Poster: yippierb Date: Jul 28, 2006 6:37pm
Forum: etree Subject: Re: MOVING DAY! LMA going 'readonly' for about 24 hours

Hi Diana and fellow travelers, What does "zip on the fly mean"? Is it available yet? My main desire is to clarify the process we must now undertake to download complete shows in Lossless format. Do we now need to go through the All Files link to FTP HTTP, find the individual song/track file and download each file individually? How do we do it now?

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Poster: gmcgill Date: Jul 29, 2006 5:30am
Forum: etree Subject: Re: MOVING DAY! LMA going 'readonly' for about 24 hours

My understanding of "zip on the fly" is that the archive will no longer have archived zip files of entire shows. Instead, you'll be able to click on download entire show in lossless format and the archive will create a zip file (on the fly!) for you to download. This is an efficiency issue regarding storage I assume.

I also understand that this function is not yet implemented. So in the meantime you must download each file one at a time. However, there are ways to make this much easier (in fact easier than even using zip files). Here's what I do:

1. download the free "Firefox" browser. Of course you can still use any other browser as well for other stuff if you choose. I have IE, netscape, and Firefox on my machine, but almost always use Firefox for everything.

2. Within Firefox, you'll want to add the "DownThemAll" extension.

3. Once you're running Firefox with "downthemall" you can use downthem all to automatically download all the files of interest from a particular page. Simply go to the page for a particular show. Then click on "tools" and "downthemall". Within Downthemall you'll see several options. You can set the destination directory for saving the files. Then simply select the files you'd like to save and hit start. It will download all those files to the selected directory.

4. An even easier method is to use the "filter" option within DownthemAll. Here I create a filter that automatically selects ".flac" or ".shn" or "vbr.mp3". Then, when I'm on a show page, I simply start DownthemAll, click on the filter I want to use (e.g., flac), then hit start. DownthemAll automatically selects all files meeting that filter and starts downloading them.

I hope this helps.